Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shhhh....Thoughts in Progress

Hi Friends,

There are times when I’m producing non stop and other times where I’m absorbing information and find myself lost in thought. Those latter times are usually when I’m the most quiet and the least productive.  This past week I was lucky enough to be exposed to the top three best things in the world… music, art, and books, but I have little to say about the experience (let alone a review) – not that the paintings, books, and music weren’t great (because they were), but because my voice is quiet.  Since this blog is titled In Search of Truth and Beauty, I have to be truthful and admit that I have nothing worthwhile  to say this week – other then I’m always amazed at what humans can do when they pair imagination with ability. 

My lack of a voice could also be because my subconscious is working through some things (with my current projects).  A quote just found its way to my desk (literally, as I was typing a paper was dropped on my desk) which explains what I’m getting at, and how I feel right now about what my brain is doing (funny how that happens).

“…The diligent effort of my brain, working ‘behind my back,’ without seeking my approval”              –Arnold Schoenberg.

This is the shower theory (I’ve heard the theory called by other names too)... it’s where problems are solved while we’re doing mundane things. Chores occupy our conscious while our subconscious is busy at work finding the elegant solution to whatever creative obstacle we have encountered.  With that said, I have a door to paint, some cucumbers and lilies to plant as well as some tomatoes to water.  With any hope, my voice will surface next week and I’ll feel up to sharing all the beauty I stumbled upon. 
Meanwhile, here is a picture I took at the Getty a couple months back.  Looking at art can have the same effect on your brain as love :) 
Lilies by Van Gogh

Since I don’t have anything to write about, I thought I’d leave the floor open to whoever would like to promote their own projects (or someone else’s, that always nice too) or discuss their current works in progress. So please bark away…pretend you’re a carnie trying to get people to come to your booth… hook us?

I’ll go first…Sunshine in Darkness will be FREE next weekend (03/29 through 04/01) So please get yourself a copy!! And if you have time, please write a review.  If I could, I would sing a song to every reviewer that has taken the time to write about their take on Sunshine ;0)

One last thing, I have been consistently blogging on Friday’s but that has become difficult to maintain.  So I’m changing my blog day, please look for new post on Sundays J 

Lots of love to everyone (especially reviewers :) and here’s to a new week!